Top 5 Important health benefits of RAGI – must take Super food

Top 5 Important health benefits of RAGI

RagiHealth Benefits of RAGI is numerous , Ragi is the one of Super food , common name of Finger Millet in Southern part of India (and known as Nachni in the northern part of India). Along with oats this is one of the most nutritious food and one of the easy one to to digest. It is naturally Organic, rich in calcium and protein and also have good amount of iron and other minerals. A generation ago, many Indians, especially in the southern part of the country, were familiar with ragi or finger millet.The once well-known cereal is however totally absent in most people’s diets today.

FINGER MILLETRagi or Nachni is often ground to a fine powder and sold and popularly known as Ragi Flour. Being highly compatible with oats, is one of the most nutritious food that is easy to digest.  It is an important cereal rich in nutrition and the benefits of ragi especially to kids is manifold.

There is no kid cereal whose calcium content is close to ragi nutrition. Along with vitamin D, calcium helps to strengthen bones and it is also a significant factor when it comes to bone development in kids and preventing osteoporosis. Ragi reduces the risk of bone fractures and helps to keep bone problems at bay. Therefore, you should consider replace the calcium pills with ragi kanji or porridge and include it in your growing kid’s diet so that they can reap this benefit.

Ragi is a very good to be included as a part of staple diet as it lot of essential nutrients, amino acids and minerals. Add to this is the fact that these have very low amount of fat content and reasonable amount of fibre.

Compared to white rice, it contains a very high amount of dietary fibre which aids in digestion and prevents over eating by making you feel fuller for a longer time. Amino acids; methionine and lecithin decrease cholesterol level in your child’s body by getting rid of excess fat around the liver. On the other hand prevents the formation of fat in the liver and reduces cholesterol in the overall body. The high fiber content in ragi manages the level of cholesterol in kids preventing obesity.ragi high in Calcium

RAGI Maintains Bone Health:

Ragi is the richest source of calcium among plant foods. Calcium along with vitamin D help strengthen bones. It is an excellent source of natural calcium for children and aging people. It helps in development of bones in growing children and in maintenance of bone health in adults. Thus it helps keep bone problems at bay and could reduce risk of fractures as well.

Ragi helps mood relaxationHelps in Anemia:

Ragi is an excellent plant source of natural iron. Its consumption helps in anemia. Vitamin C increases iron absorption. Sprouted ragi develops vitamin C in the process of sprouting, therefore the iron in ragi becomes more bioavailable when consumed as sprouted flour or malt.

Ragi is high protein content:

The grain’s protein content is comparable to that of rice. However, some ragi varieties have shown double that level. More importantly, this protein content is quite unique. The main protein fraction is eleusinin, which has a high biological value, meaning that it is easily incorporated into the body. There are also significant quantities of tryptophan, cystine, methionine and total aromatic amino acids. If that sounds too complicated, all you need to know is that these are considered crucial to human health, and that most cereals are deficient in these components. This high protein content makes finger millet a very important factor in preventing malnutrition. The cereal can be an especially good source of protein for vegetarians because of its methionine content that constitutes about 5% of the protein.

Intake of Ragi feels stomach fullHelps in weight loss:

Ragi is a perfect cereal for those seeking to lose weight and must be included in weight loss recipe. The high amount of fiber and low level of unsaturated fat makes it an ideal food for health conscious people. And the best thing about Ragi is its diverse nature that makes it a cereal that can be prepared in a number of ways according to the individual’s choice. It contains the amino acid known as Tryptophan which helps in reducing the appetite and helps in managing weight. It gets digested at a slower rate & thus keeps the stomach full. As a result, you do not need to rush to the kitchen every hour to attend to the cravings! Along with this, it is also rich in dietary fibre as compared to other grains. Thus ragi makes for a good diet product to add in your meals. It has a low fat content which being in its unsaturated form makes it the perfect for those trying to lose weight, shed the extra flab & achieve a fit & healthy body.

Ragi rich in Fibre helps digestionHelps in Digestion

The high level of dietary fiber in this cereal aids in proper digestion, normal bowel movement and prevents constipation. The insoluble fibers present in Ragi assists movement of food through the intestines while the insoluble fibers retain water thereby easing the passage of waste.  Include it to your daily diet in order to protect your digestive system and avert risks of constipation and other digestive disorders.

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