5 simple Organic food practices for growing children 2

5 simple Organic food practices for growing children

Encouraging children to healthy eats and live organically can be difficult. Here are five simple organic food practices for growing children to follow to get your children on the right path to the ideal, organic lifestyle.

  1. Avoid processed foods and their chemicals:

Conventional vs Organic foodsA lot of people don’t realise that the conventional food that their children eat is sprayed with a multitude of chemicals that eventually gets into their bodies. Even if you wash or peel your fruit and vegetables, these chemicals still make their way in. Also if your children are already eating processed foods, you don’t even have the chance to wash the ingredients before they’re baked in.

  1. Educate:

Parents can only provide so much guidance when it comes to their children consuming organic food products. A big part of maintaining an organic lifestyle is education. Kids need to know where their food comes from and in what state it was in before it arrived on their plate. Providing this education can be as simple as taking your children to a farm or using books and other visual aids to learn about animals and the ideal environment to raise them in. This education will help them to make the right dietary decisions for themselves in the future.

  1. Healthy snacking.

healthy organic snacks
Snacking between meals is a habit that most children share. However this does not mean that it cannot be nutritional. All whole food and organic supermarkets stock a wide range of healthy, chemical-free snacks designed for children that can be consumed at any time of the day without the worry of them loading up on unhealthy food.


4. Organic gardening.

Organic Farming A Great Realization for KidsIf you’re lucky enough to have a garden consider planting some of your own fruit and vegetables that you and your kids can gather together. Not only will this practice save you money on your grocery bill but you will know exactly what is going in your children’s mouth when they eat. If space is a concern then consider a simple tomato plant or lettuce that you can grow in your kitchen. The smallest effort can produce results.

5.Make a game out of reading nutritional labels.

Organic Shopping with kidsThis is a great opportunity to highlight to your kids the type of additives and chemicals that are in their food. All food products are required by law to state their nutritional value somewhere on their packaging. This fine print may appear to be confusing but can be turned into a game with your children by guessing the amount of calories per serving and giving a reward for the correct answer.

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