Simple way to heal baby cold and cough with Turmeric milk 1

Simple way to heal Baby cold and cough with Turmeric:

Turmeric milk babies

For Baby cold , Turmeric milk really works well !. When the baby have cold , this a simple medicine can heal cold easily. Turmeric is a relatively mild spice, It has a warm yellow colour which you’ll probably be familiar with due to its extensive use in curries – but it is used to colour many other foods, including some cheeses and even butter!

Turmeric contains curcumin – a polyphenol that makes it yellow and it’s the curcumin that makes turmeric so beneficial to health and Turmeric powder can be given to babies after 6 months.It is a natural antiseptic, helps relieve cough and cold in babies, and is a powerful anti inflammatory agent.

How much it can be added for baby cold? – Depending on the dish, the amount varies,upto 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric can be added.

Treat turmeric milk for Baby cold as you would any new food and introduce it to your baby by adding it to foods your baby is already safely enjoying.  Observe the four day rule  and do not introduce any other new foods at the same time – then it will be easy to tell if the turmeric has caused any allergic reaction or tummy upset in your child.

I suggest every mother to add it to your child milk in winters specially. I used to give turmeric milk to my daughter as a health drink regularly. The antiseptic and astringent properties of turmeric combined with the soothing effect of milk are responsible for providing quick relief from respiratory problems including a dry cough. Turmeric milk has been extensively used as a potent blood purifier and cleanser in Ayurveda medicines. The presence of a wide range of vital nutrients in this milk boosts blood circulation.


Preparation time : 10 mins


  • an inch piece of turmeric root, grated or 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • 200 ml of milk
  • honey to taste
  • optionally freshly pounded black pepper
  • To begin making the Turmeric Milk , bring the grated turmeric and milk to boil for a couple of minutes.  Once it boils, turn off the heat and allow the turmeric milk mixture to rest covered for a couple of more minutes.  This will bring out the essential medicines and color from the turmeric.
  • After a couple of minutes of resting, strain the milk from the turmeric into a glass, stir in sugar / honey and black pepper and serve the Turmeric Milk while still hot
  • Note: If you are using turmeric powder, you just have to boil the milk with the powder, add in the sugar/ honey and serve as it is. You don’t have to strain the milk.

Turmeric stains just about everything it touches! Cover the carpets when you’re serving baby food containing turmeric. Despite thorough washing, it’s irrevocably stained – so now we have one ruined bib which comes out every time curry (or beets!) are on the menu!

This article is based on the views of the author, and it is on the sole discretion of the reader to implement the methods, the author does not take any responsibility for it. Always discuss you baby’s feeding methods with your pediatrician before introducing any new food.

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  • Devbabbar

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information. Turmeric is highly rich in Curcumin and volatile oils which can treat the people suffering from cold and cough. it has all antiviral and anti-bacterial activities to help your body to fight the infection. Hope more to come.